Flying Carp swimmers swim at skill levels from beginning and fitness swimmers to highly competitive swimmers, from late bloomers to former age group and collegiate swimmers, and in ages from their early twenties and up. Swimmers should be able to swim freestyle unaided for the length of the pool, although arrangements can be made for those persons who desire to learn to swim correctly and safely.

The Flying Carp symbolizes courage and ambition.  The carp is a traditional Asian symbol of strength, endurance and tenacity.  The image is also of a real carp fighting its way upstream to spawn, representing energy and health.  The original Chinese story is that if a carp successfully swam up the Yellow River and climbed the waterfall to the source of the river, it became a dragon. 

Thus our motto:  Farther and Faster

Workouts - The workouts average 1800 yards to 3000 yards, depending on the length of time for the workout, the strokes assigned and the composition of the workout generated by the coach. Workouts combine distance sets with interval sets and speed sets. Coaching is offered in the four competitive strokes, including stroke technique and stroke refinement, distance swimming and open water swimming, as well as instruction in competition starts, relay starts, turns and competition rules, although swimmers are not required to compete in swim meets. The workouts are structured and are coached by a U S Masters Level 2 Certified Swimming coach, are designed to increase your speed and endurance, improve your technique and enhance your personal level of fitness, but the primary emphasis is on self-motivation. The workouts are progressive as to technique and endurance throughout the season. This means all swimmers are encouraged to attend as many workouts as possible for which they are signed up for either the early or the later sessions .

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coach Robert (Bob) Zeitner

named 2019 Illinois Masters Coach of the Year