Ohio Street and Lake Shore Drive ,Chicago, IL 60611

When you sign up for either of the Summer pool workout locations, you are also eligible to participate in Summer Sunday morning open water workouts, located at Ohio Street beach, just North of Navy Pier. The workouts start at 7:30 AM or thereabout, at the ledge alongside the beach, weather permitting.   (400 North and 600+ East) and as the coaching schedule permits.

These workouts utilize the CPD open water course inside the breakwater and running North-to-South along the wall. The water is not deep and there are ladders at approximate 100-meter intervals for a distance of 1/2 mile.

Workouts are usually 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending upon the specific workout, are a continuous swim of 1/2 mile and up depending on your abilities, and may also include open water drills and techniques.

Parking is spotty. Do not park in the Navy Pier lot if you drive. Biking is recommended. There are a number of bike racks available (first come first served), and lockers for valuables (first come first served).Workouts are only in the Summer session.

Workouts may or may not be available during the Summer 2024, because of the shortage of lifeguards. Call the coach first before showing up.