Freestyle Videos

freestyle - touch turn video

freestyle - start from deck video

butterfly - underwater dolphin kick video

Competitive Turns Videos

competitive turns - seven competitive turns video

competitive turns - fly to back turn video

competitive turns - back to breast turn video

competitive turns - back to breast IM flip turn video

competitive turns - back to breast bucket turn video

competitive turns - breast to free turn video

Backstroke Videos

freestyle - start from block video

freestyle - flip turns for beginners

freestyle - freestyle stroke video

freestyle - flip turn breakout video

freestyle - freestyle keep your legs from sinking video

freestyle - Lochte flip turn video

backstroke - backstroke start video

backstroke - backstroke open turn video

backstroke - backstroke flip turn video

Breaststroke Videos

breaststroke - breaststroke kick video

breaststroke - breaststroke kick variation video

breaststroke - breaststroke stroke video

breaststroke - breaststroke pullout video

Butterfly Stroke Videos

butterfly stroke - butterfly stroke video

butterfly- dolphin kick video

backstroke - backstroke swim video