Workouts are held at Northside College Prep High School

5501 North Kedzie Avenue Chicago Illinois.

(5500 North and 3200 West)

The facility is a competition twentyfive-yard six-lane indoor pool with lane lines, backstroke flags and starting blocks.

Parking is in the lot directly in  front of the school, and is entered off Kedzie Avenue.

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, prior to participating in any scheduled workout, all swimmers are required to have received two vaccine shots and two booster shots, to sign a liability waiver if required by the facility, to agree to be questioned before entering the building as to the status of your current health, to wear a mask at all times not in the water and to follow the protocols previously agreed to between the FCS swim team and the facility.

You enter the main door, let the security person know you are going to the pool, bear to the right down the hallway to the Southeast corner of the building where the pool is located.

Locker rooms and shower rooms may or may not be available for changing before and after the workouts, so be prepared to wear your swimsuit to and from the workout. Bring an extra towel.

Bring your belongings on deck so they can be watched.

You are encouraged to bring water or a sports drink to the workouts, but no food items are allowed.

5500 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL