For Northside College Prep High School pool, the team fee for the Autumn 2017 session is $150. for new members ($130. for renewing members). Fees are payable to Robert E. Zeitner-Flying Carp Swimming.  The team fee for the Winter2018 session is $180. for new members ($160. for renewing members). If the team fee is paid n advance for the entire season then the cost is $300. for new members ($260. for renewing members).

The team fee is due no later than the second week after the start of the season, or no later than the following workout that you decide to join.

New swimmers at this location are afforded one practice session at no charge before the fees are due. I have the new member forms available. New members must notify me in advance that you are attending a workout, so I can secure your practice session registration and access to the facility.

The team fees cover the scheduled workouts and the coaching, purchases of equipment for the workouts and the pool, pool rental, USMS team registration, USMS insurance covering the workouts, USMS newsletters, subscription to SWIMMER magazine, CARPINGS newsletters, mailings, notices, etc. and such other purchases as the team members shall decide.

In addition there is a MANDATORY separate required annual fee of $50.00 for membership in U S Masters Swimming/Illinois Masters Swimming Association, if you are not already registered with USMS/ILMSA for the current year. The USMS/ILMSA required fee is to be paid before you attend a workout for those of you who are renewing your team membership. The USMS/ILMSA required fee is paid once on an annual basis. I have the application forms available for USMS/ILMSA membership, or you may register online (